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a billion thanks! broadway to bombay 2019 tour highlights!


Broadway to Bombay is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Broadway to Bombay must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are Tax-deductible to the extent and permitted by law.




Broadway to Bombay in India

From the minute we landed in Mumbai, Broadway to Bombay hit the ground running. Our dutiful leaders, Prince Manvendra and his husband Duke Deandre, guided us all with grace and enthusiasm. From Malad West, we put the finishing touches on our timeline and workshop and went out into Mumbai to be with so many amazing people that we met during our time in India and share our message. 

We were met with many twists and turns along the way. It kept us on our toes and it created an environment to create in the moment and be free. There are many new friends in our family who have taken on our mission to unleash love and courage. We salute you!

Our plan was fully realized thanks to all the amazing people that came together to work with us. There was so much love and emotion from start to finish. We can't wait to start organizing our next adventure with our new family for Broadway to Bombay.

What's Next...

Our next steps include fundraising, community outreach and getting related to the community here in North America. We are looking for people to join our team that have spirit, creativity and passion to build bridges with love and courage. Our global mission includes you, your community and your ideas. Over the next months, Broadway to Bombay is planning fundraising events locally to support our next steps that include a tour to smaller communities in India to spread our mission. If you are interested in getting involved, drop us a line, email or video.






Want to see us in action? Watch Broadway to Bombay Videos. There are personal messages from the Duke, Prince Manvendra and our Videos from the Pride March in Mumbai!


The Project

 The Workshop

Our flagging workshop is a new variation of the NYC based "Flow and Flair".  Participants don't need any dance experience to participate. You will be guided through a series of movement to express emotions of all kinds using the flag freeing the mind and body. Difficult emotions are shed and expressed. Love and courage emerge, creating freedom.  Finally, your workshop leader will guide your group through a unique flag dance creation (not one dance created is ever the same) to perform for your community event!

 The Event

Your event is a commitment to celebration.  Workshop participants will have an opportunity to invite their communities to the performance and create an experience that will entice and enlighten guests, cultivating community and connections to last a lifetime.




“The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.”

James brown|  Entertainer

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Our mission is to provide a support system uniting communities by unleashing love and courage sharing “flag dancing,” an art form that originated in New York City. Currently, we are the only project sharing a non-traditional dance art form from the United States with India. This is an opportunity to express physically, that which cannot be verbalized. We will make history for communities in India most specifically within the LGBTQI community.

Broadway to Bombay 2019 Workshop Tour


French Gallery at Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad

Workshop: 6pm to 8pm

Address: B/s Food Corporation of India, Himali Tower Lane, Manekbaug Shyamal Road, Nr. Shyamal Char Rasta





LGBTQA + Community Campus Rajpipla 

Rajvant Palace, Rajpipla 

District Narmada





7x Business Hub 

2nd Floor, BDMA Hall, 7x Bussiness Hub, Near K.J Polytechnic College, Old NH 8 , College Road, Bharuch




  • Two events in India, reaching 100+ people per workshop

    • 1) January 21-29th 2018 (Mumbai)  

    • 2) June 2018 (Vadodara) 

  • 2019

  • 3 City workshop tour in India

  • NYC local events

  • provide a support system Unleashing love and courage within communities around the world, while uniting against cultural differences. 

  • We will begin a gloriously colorful crusade on the planet.